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This online lesson program is not intended to be a substitute for riding lessons, instead is is intended to be a thorough introduction for non-riders and a valuable educational tool to riders.  Horses can be unpredictable at times and can cause harm to inexperienced handlers, please seek a professional instructor or trainer when applying your knowledge learned during this online lesson program.

Participants of the online lesson program will have access to "study pages" that will contain all of the needed information to pass each level.  Just click on the level heading to see appropriate study page.  When you feel you have mastered the knowledge of a level, simply click on the "Take Level Test" to print test.  Simply complete test and mail in with $5.00 testing fee.  Upon passing, you will be shipped the appropriate rosette ribbon.  Participants must pass levels in order, example:  Level I must be passed before Level II test is taken, although participant can mail in consecutive tests together.  Per test fees still apply.

The P5 Lesson levels and Online Curriculum are trademarked and the property of P5 Equestrian.

Click HERE for Level I study page                                                                                                              

  1. Identify grooming items 

  2. Know correct mounting and dismounting procedure

  3. Explain how to safely lead horse on the ground

  4. Explain correct position at the walk and halt

  5. Know the 5 natural aids

  6. Name basic horse parts

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Click HERE for Level II study page                                         

  1. Know correct grooming procedure
  2. Know the correct method of pickup and cleaning hoof
  3. Know how many beats per gait
  4. Describe how the 5 natural aids communicate with the horse
  5. Know the correct attire for riding
  6. Name parts of saddle (hunt seat and western)

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Click HERE for Level III study page                                         

  1. Know correct tacking up procedure (western tack)
  2. Know correct tacking up procedure (hunt seat tack)
  3. Explain leads at lope/canter
  4. Know the difference in a turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches
  5. Name the parts of the bridle (hunt seat and western)
  6. Explain  correct method of tying horse

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Click HERE for Level IV study page                                          

  1. Describe the footfall pattern of gaits
  2. Have knowledge of the development of a horse breed
  3. Know the correct method of bridling a horse
  4. Identify different western bits
  5. Identify different hunt seat bits
  6. Give three examples of horse related careers

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Click HERE for Level V study page                                                     

  1. Identify basic nutritional needs of the horse
  2. Know the procedure for cleaning tack
  3. Describe basic western classes
  4. Describe basic hunt seat classes (also referred to as hunter seat)
  5. Explain 6 illnesses of the horse
  6. Know what colic is and identify signs

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Click Here for Bonus Level - Extreme Equestrian study page                                                   

  1. Know basic hoof care
  2. Know basic horse confirmation
  3. Basic yearly vet care of the horse
  4. Oral anatomy of the horse
  5. Name the 5 rein aids
  6. Write a paragraph on what you learned from this online program

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Study pages, tests, and pricing may change at any time without notice.  Not responsible for lost tests.